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More time with clients

More time with clients

Instead of spending time on scheduling the various appointments, you will be able to interact more with your clients and answer their queries.

An organized booking system

Booklabb has prospered over the years as an efficient booking partner for auto detailing businesses. Our tie up will ensure a systematic management of all the bookings.

Our advanced methods

Our trained employees use the most upgraded technology to secure all the appointments. All data and information of your clients are registered and preserved properly.

What will I get?

A rewarding experience for your company

Accessing our website will grant you multiple benefits.

Safekeeping the collected information

Relevant details of your customers, along with their payment records will be kept safe in our centralised server.

Simple booking steps

Your clients will be happy to book so easily through us. Their booking experience will be smooth.

Better handling

You will be able to manage the deals and concerns of your auto detailing agency without bothering about the bookings.

Pay fair prices for a fair support

Our firm support to fulfil your goals.



- Per Month

At a very cheap price, avail our help to book the appointments. No more you need to tackle your business single-handedly. We will take care of the booking procedures for you.

Small Business


- Per Month

As car detailing services are approached all the time by budding customers, we understand your difficulty in managing your business. Leave the appointment scheduling to us for a reasonable rate, no worry with that.



- Per Month

We got the skills and knowledge to satisfy your clients and satisfy your business needs. We will keep track of all the data and history of your customers and take care of their bookings at only $110 per month.

... and more

Easy availability of our online service

Your company must have a closing time. That’s no problem anymore because if a client needs to book, our online services will be open for them 24/7.

A timely reminder to prevent missing out a booking

An automated sms or email from us will remind your client of their scheduled visit.

Flexible payments online or via cash

Our payment modes are such that your clients can pay right after they book or may wait till the whole thing is done.

Your beaming reviews

Too happy to receive your appreciation

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